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Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Cyber Security Baltimore | 0 comments

Cyber Security

Australia has just announced that it will be spending $178 million over the next four years to improve their existing cyber security measures. The new strategy has been announced in Sydney by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. During this announcement, he also acknowledged that Australia has the capability to engage in offensive hacking in order to better protect the country and add to its defensive measures. He did not confirm whether this has been used in the past, or whether it would only be used to spy on Australian citizens, or also on people from other countries.

Cyber Security Baltimore

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This highlights the threat that all countries are feeling from hackers, particularly those linked to terrorist groups.

There have been many recent high profile hacks recently that large companies have fallen victim to, such as Sony and Ashley Madison. While no reports of any government being hacked have been made, countries all over the world are feeling the pressure to ensure that their security systems are completely safe, and no outsider is able to gain access to them. It is likely that other countries are spending similar amounts on their cyber security, even if they have not made an announcement in the same way that Australia has.

Australia’s Cyber Security Center is also being relocated with money from this budget. This will help to make it more accessible to businesses, who will benefit from the advice that they will receive from the center. More centers will also be built in other cities in the country so that even more businesses are able to access them. 5000 small to medium business will also receive free security testing that is being funded by this new budget. This is in recognition of the fact that the internet based economy in Australia is growing twice as fast when compared to the global economy, and so this is an industry that the country wants to help protect.

Many small business operate online, and these business are often most at risk from becoming a victim of a cyber attack, because they do not have the security measures in place that larger businesses are able to afford. The testing that is being offered by the Australian government can help them understand where their weaknesses are, and they will then be able to take action to correct these weaknesses and make their systems more robust. This can be invaluable to businesses that may not have much experience in cyber security, and those that are not really sure where to get started when it comes to protecting their business online.

Cyber security is something that everyone who owns a computer needs to think about. If you run a business, then an attack on your computer systems may make it virtually impossible for your business to continue running as normal.

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