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Posted by on Aug 4, 2016 in IT Management | 0 comments

IT Management Service Provider + FREESTOR , Delivery of Free Service

In the Cloud-modeled business age that we are living in, the news that one business is currently offering services like the many applications and Backup as a service among the lot that companies are vehemently looking for is a great boost for any IT management service provider.

A lot of companies in the US and all across Canada who are using the tools and services created and best system management software delivered by TraceTM are in good line to get some free services as we complete the first quarter of 2016.

A lot of IT managed service providers have been placed in good light to getting more streams of income as some of their offerings to clients will be given them on virtually free terms.

Looking at what has been created and deployed in favor of MSPs buying the services on wholesale, the unmissable advantage that will be the focal point in delivering the services to the second line of clients.

The Falconstor solutions have been integrated onto a single platform that allows analytical watching on the complete suite of products from a central ‘window’ is you may.

A lot of the technical companies offering the services we will divulge later, have been consistently challenged by having to switch across platforms and interfaces in order to deliver the services they are contracted to.

IT management service provider

Among the services on the Freestor product list and their various applications for 2016 tech-era business requirements include;

  • Data protection with redundancy all online and promising none to negligible down times.
  • Storage solutions ranging from a least of ten terabytes to more than a petabyte.
  • Easy transition from legacy to new models of IT infrastructure.
  • No hardware required for scaling through company stages in growth.

Already, these are services that have been making MSPs in Canada alone upwards of 150 billion dollars collectively in the past year and into 2016.

The announcement, therefore finds a ready market waiting to take up the technologies and make more money while easing their required efforts to monitor operations.

Such developments can not have come at a better time, these days everyone is talking about the internet of things (IoT) and the single view watchful eye has been a huge expectation.

Businesses all over the markets where the open solutions provided by Freestor are planted; Europe, Asia, and the Americas, will soon come into new capabilities and decreased costs of trying them on their requirements.

This happening within the first quarter of the year in which a ton of other technological developments are set to drop onto the market just makes us look forward to the many changes that can be combined with it.

All in the name of making businesses far less of a headache to run and do so using the best technologies.

The problems that used to be insurmountable in the past have already been dwarfed by Freestor and their offerings, who knows the degree of ease we are set to feel.

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