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About Us

We are a content company that has based their success on pleasing each reader whenever possible. Companies that have adopted the same or nearly like strategies have appreciated the huge growth steps that we have in the past 5 years after restrategizing. Our active engagement strategy has placed the navigation wheel in the hands of the people who turn up on a daily basis to read new and constantly improved news articles.

Through persistent monitoring of what our readers go through when coming to the site for a dose of their favourite themed content, we have been able to dictate the content provision business as one of the websites that readers spend hours on hours logged on to and accessing the best news updates. This has been pivotal in making ourselves the most prefered source of technology news and content updates.

Stepping into the future, we anticipate a lot of changes that will be triggered not so much by competing forces, but by the readers themselves. Our company has always accepted and adopted the newest technologies in delivering must-reads to the growing number of dedicated followers of our platform, it would otherwise be hypocritical to post the latest tech trends and not having implemented those that optimize our reader’s experience.